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It has been misfortune of India that the Indians did not admire the Indian knowledge and philosophy and had been blind following the western ways. The foreigners identified and adopted these scattered knowledge's and benefited. One of these forgotten Indian knowledge is " Y O G A ". The foreigners adopted yoga and benefited themselves but could not understand it thoroughly.
It is fruitless effort to define YOGA in a single sentence. YOGA means to attach or extend. It is to attach the soul to the over soul (GOD); to extend mental and physical strength; to extend age and vital-power. YOGA means to remove the boundary of ego and attach the psyche to the infinity. The only goal or aim of YOGA is salvation " MOKSHA". The origin of YOGA is lard Shiva.
Our school has opted YOGA as a regular course for the students. The students are trained properly and regularly by our well experienced teachers. These well trained student have been performing excellently at various competitions such as state and national levels time by time. Their feats are bringing name and fame to the school.

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