School Hostel

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Girl's Hostel!

In the Girls hostel the children are brought up in different environment with different mental status, are taken care of individually to groom their personality. The hostel is equipped with modern amenities like television, computer and telephone facilities to inculcate interest in developing all round awareness.

Boy's Hostel!

Senior Boys Hostel was established in July 2000. At present it provides accommodation to 176 students. Students of class VIII to XII. Hostel provides almost every facility desired and required by the students for their studies. In brief following facilities are provided in the hostel...
  • Separate bed along with shelf, chair and cupboard.
  • Dormitories spread over three floors consisting 22 and 6 beds.
  • Three study rooms for meritorious students.
  • Potable water through aqua guards and water cooler, installed in two floors.
  • Laundry facility for all the students.
  • Recreation hall and colour T.V. for their amusement and entertainment.
  • Three news papers daily to update their awareness for the world around.
  • Centralized cooling system in all dormitories for summer season.
  • Hot water facility through boiler and solar system for winter season.
  • Telephone facility to keep them in touch with parents.
  • Residence for teachers to guide and instruct them.
  • Separate room for warden.

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