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Ever since a human being opened his eyes on this planet, he has been watching strange event taking place around him. He tried to find hidden orders behind all happenings and this gave birth to science.
One of the main aim of Yugantar Public School is " blending scientific knowledge with sound grounding of our traditional culture". In order to achieve the above mentioned aim the department of physics plays very important role. Science exhibitions, seminars are organised from time to time various competition at different levels as HTSE, JST, MBD Talent search etc are conducted at regular intenvef of the.
Qualified experienced and skilled teachers of physics department always guide to develop scientific attitude and interest towords natural phenomenon and the facts behind them. Since this is the era of competition teachers motivate the students and guide students for competitions of that they can face and solve the problems of competitive exams.
Department of physics presently has well-equipped laboratory with modern infrastructure where student explore and flourish with their innovative ideas. Here the teacher acts an a bridge for fulfilling the gap between class room teaching and the realty. The department of physics aims to utilize day to day experiences and happenings in learning and understanding the world around us. Students are nurtured to attained the knowledge for the welfare of the man-kind.

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