Multi Gymkhana ...

Useful tools. Meaningful connections.

The philosophy, “Sareera madhyam Khalu Dharma Sadhanam” is amply materialized in the campus. One of the prime flaws of the modern education is its meager emphasis on the physical health of the students.
In order to fill this vacuum and to materialize the saying a strong mind resides in a strong body” Yugantar has constructed a multi-gymkhana with all the modern machines and apparatus. Eight stations multi-machine, flying machine, steppes, cycles, Jogger, Vibrator, Rowing machine, Twister, Incline & Decline benches and dumbbells are some of them to mention.
Qualified and experienced instructors train the students to use each equipment. The huge mirrors installed in the room are helpful to the students to asses by themselves their growing and physique.

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