Useful tools. Meaningful connections.

Computers which made the world small started entering into every school campus and enlightened the students with one of greatest inventions of science and information technology became a necessity of the 21st century. We have our full furnished to advanced computer lab equipped with more than 35 systems as per the present scenario. One lab is for senior section students and other one is for middle and junior section students.
Computer teachers in our department have proved their creative abilities through the students and we are proud to mention that we have 100% computer literacy in our school. As we are in the world of information technology, our attention is to the growth and explosion of information is the pace of development in the field of computer, we have bound our self with an agreement to impart computer based learning through a series of exercises packed with adventure and fun. These Computer based courses are designed by us, as per the CBSE norms.
We have designed and formulated it after extensive research and also consulting with a team of experts including child psychologists, educationalists & computer professionals. The curriculum is very systematic, structured and grade-wise and has a technological and academic focus. The child will get to learn various computer technologies through seven grades of appropriate modules which will be helpful to students for implementing them in day to day activities, to excel in their field. Our teachers have been trained to use computers and upgrade their knowledge with up to date information by surfing on internet, guided by experts. Students visit different libraries in the world merely by sitting in our computer lab to survive in the healthy competition. At home, parents can see their wards progress and speak to the concerned teachers if required. Almost all the results are published on line to cater the needs of industrialists, politicians and bearcats who are busy in their profession.

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