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A thing of beauty is a joy forever’ and beauty is art. At Yugantar awareness about forms and colors is created among the students through talented and efficient teachers. The imagination and creativity of the children is channelized to bring out the artist in them. The student have brought home many accolades through participation in various drawing painting and poster making competitions.
The school has a separate wing which holds the fine arts and performing arts departments. The creative instinct of the student come alive in the art room. The walls of the art room are adorned with the works of the children. The students of the school have proved their mettle in the field of fine arts through participation in various competitions held at district, state and national levels.
The art department not only deals with drawing and painting but also encourages the students in various other activities like Portrait making, Poster Designing, Rangoli making, Pooja Thali Decoration to name a few.
Many distinguished celebrities from the world of art have showered their praise after visiting the art room. We were honoured by the prestigious presence of the eminent artist Mr. John Fernandiez.
The Parkings and posters created by the children came alive and each has a strong of its own to tell.

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