School Library

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A library is a house of books. A school needs a library because it supports the school's work of literacy and education. A school library is useful in literacy work for the earliest stage because it encourages good reading habits to be formed when children are young. Our aim is to stimulate children's curiosity about books and to encourage students to start loving the written works. The school library supports the students studies, every library collection will have information that can improve students to understand the subject.
Our school library is enriched by different subjects which are systematically arranged subject wise in different shelf. Shelf have been arranged in such a way that students an can easily locate the required books. An index subject wise has been displayed for an easy easement.
Year wise data of library books is likewise :
1 2003 - 2004 6670 Books in library.
2 2004 - 2005 7639 Books in library.
3 2005 - 2006 8830 Books in library.
4 2006 - 2007 9926 Books in library.
Library is a growing organization where there is always a scope to improve and develop knowledge as per the readers chance. In our stock, we have large number of reference and specimen books readily available to refer when are required library is open for its readers students can avail the facility of library whenever required at any time. In session 2006-2007 we also opened at evening hour for the reference of readers. To create an awareness and motivate each child to grom oneself in a perfect manner various useful books were ordered as per the interest of children from scholastic India Pvt. Ltd.. To add up fervor of reading habit and passion to write impressive articles and to improve their IQ level weekly journals of knowledge from the Hitavada are being subscribed library provide current and relevant information through notice displaying school and hostels notice boards. We have also provided useful magazines to the hostels. We have planned develop a small library in our hostels also very shortly.
In future we are planning for book bank concept in library. Economically backward, weak school and also meritorious schoolrs will use these book bank. Book will be issued for the duration of one month from book bank.
Library is the temple of knowledge. keeping this thought in our mind we take every possible lave and sincere effects to give the best to our students.
Mr. Shantanu Kumar Vaishnav
Dept. of Library & Information Science (Laibrarina)

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